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'Advanced Woman Calendar' it just holds 60% ovulation & 70% of cycle monitoring with a lot of missing useful information ... For The CYCLE Add: Blood: 'Heavy / Normal / Light' Clots: 'None / Some / Heavy' Pain: 'Painless / Bairable / Unbairable' Set

Ovulation: Add What Type Of Preventation Is Being Used, Tests Section (Hormones Monitoring ... With Most Common Hormonal Tests Put In A List, so the test values can be added) ... The avability to set more than one reminder to the same task (For Example: A Woman Needs A Hormonal Shot ... She needs a reminder of the date prior & another on the same date) ... I can go on & on & on for a lot missing important stuff (There are SISTS & A LOT OF COMPLICATIONS OTHER THAN OVULATION & CYCLES ... A LOT HAS TO BE ADDED or change the name to "Women Cycles & Ovulations" ... OR Just Do A More Advanced One With a Higher Price & SWAP the names.

StarkyCat, 08.03.2012, 12:15
Idea status: under consideration


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